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​Resources and Links


Here you'll find a list of bike and pedestrian related resources to make biking and walking journeys easier and safer! 


If you have any links you'd like to share send them to us and we will post here.



Des Plaines River Trail Questionnaire

League of Illinois Bicyclists Bike Safety Quiz



Bike and Walk Des Plaines created this “mellow” bike map to give cyclists of all abilities a practical resource to help them navigate the city.  This map emphasizes taking low-traffic side streets and sidewalks over the city's busy, car-filled main roads.

Des Plaines is fortunate to have some on-street bike lanes, like those along portions of Lee and Algonquin, which can be convenient when time is of the essence. The city's official bike map is a valuable tool for locating these marked routes on major streets.

Although the quieter routes we're highlighting here may be slightly slower, you can expect to benefit from fewer cars, less stressful intersections, more visibility, and a neighborhood atmosphere. 


Dark green - neighborhood street or sidepath

Light green - sidewalk recommended

Bike & Walk Des Plaines "Mellow Map"










This project was inspired by the mellow Chicago bike map. Bike and Walk Des Plaines advises all cyclists to adhere strictly to all applicable traffic laws and regulations. Bike and Walk Des Plaines assumes no liability for any errors or omissions in the information provided regarding biking routes or related guidance. Individuals assume all risks associated with their cycling activities.

Other useful maps:

Bike ride route:  Mike Bagby’s One Lap of Des Plaines 

Des Plaines Current Bike Lanes

Des Plaines bike routes (existing) .PDF

Des Plaines bike routes (proposed) .PDF



Rules for taking your bike on Metra trains

Bicycle Safe - Important lessons in bicycle safety

Safe Routes for Kids - Bike Safety Program Curriculum

Walk Bike to School Curricula - The ability to walk and bicycle safely is an important life skill. Any program that encourages walking and bicycling should also incorporate safety education.  In order for children to adopt new skills, they need supervised practice time and repeated reinforcement of the key messages. These walking and biking resources can help.

Bicycle Safety Guide & Countermeasure Selection System

Bicycle Safety Activity Kit -Provide parents, caregivers, teachers, community leaders, and children with tools to learn the important basics about bicycle safety.  Can be used in school or community bicycle safety programs or in conjunction with Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs. Contains age-appropriate activities emphasizing crashes and related injuries while bicycling.



Active Transportation Alliance (advocacy group for biking, walking and public transportation)

Des Plaines Active Transportation website

City of Wheeling’s Planning Commission Workshop (2010)

National Complete Streets Coalition

Northwest Municipal Conference (NWMC) Bike and Pedestrian Planning

People for Bikes - Make Biking Better for Everyone - Join Now

The League of American Bicyclists

Safe Routes to School

USDOT - Traffic Safety Facts

Got Tech?

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Construction updates in Des Plaines

City of Des Plaines Biking


Who's Doing it Right

Check out these great City Bike Plans

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